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We have a list of events by nightclubs in London, in your locality organised by Bars/Pubs/Night clubs. Menu card is available live for view; go to menu to view drinks and food on offers at the venue. Click on the event to navigate to the event details.

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We have series of live special events runing and due to commence in your local Bars/Pubs/Night clubs. Go to event details and continue reading.

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Two weekends of none stop music. Check out the freshest Hip-Hop songs to drop in 2017>.
list of events by nightclubs in London

Youth Event
Youth Event was organised to connect young and old school together to share knowledge about music and culture in our modern day world.

Event Starts :07/21/2017 Event Ends :07/29/2017

list of events by nightclubs in London

Ladies Night
Get ready for the ultimate soul music playlist, filled with massive songs from the likes of whitney houston,Alicia Keys, whitney houston and more.

Event Starts :08/04/2017 Event Ends :08/13/2017

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