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Bars and pubs is a place that brings the community together. It creates jobs, help the community to grow and prosper. However, responsible social distancing should be taking into account to safe guide and prevent the spread of the virus.
Businesses in the hospitality sector were hit badly by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown restrictions. Other factors could also be traced back to the small businesses struggling to cope financially with the basic cost to run the business to pay for essentail nneds and salary. What a quagmire and a depressing situation. 
Bars and restaurants are now looking to find a ways to survive through the government support, including series of measures to encourage the customers to go out and patronised the business to stimulates the ecconomic. Would this work? May be or may be not as the government cannot continue to fund the scheme.  What the businesses needed is a strategy about how to reach the community and provide confidence that they are safe. And, the business to show case their products and services through series of  promotions and offers to win the local interest.
This could pose a challenge as the advertisement come with costs, which is coming possibly from the shrinking profit due to pandemic and lockdown.
We at Mybarnite believe that our free technology to support the businesses could help the business at this crucial time. Why? Our registration is completely free and the services are very cheap without hiding charges. We make advertisement simple for you to directly manage your products and services. Our integrated solutions connects you with potential customers and so that you can have one-to-one communication and improve your relationship while growing your busines.  
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