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Tougher time for british bars and pubs

by MyBarnite on 12 Jun 2018

Bars and pubs is a place that brings the community together, while at the sametime promoting the campaign on responsinle drinking. British bars and pubs has suffered due to disadvantages associated with competition from supermarket selling cheap drink, heavy taxation on alchol and smoking. Other factors could also be traced back to the aggressive and competitive
environment as  "it is survival of the fitness". 
The critics argued that the new government legislation on taxation and other measures taking, further complicated the system to control and manage the industry. One of which allow beer to be purchase freely in the open market in the process of addressing the current problem while support free trade.
However, the changes to the decision impacted the numbers of bars and pubs closing down. Out of 58,200 in 2006, 10600 were shot down as of 2016, which shows drastical reduction lasy year . 
Bars and pubs are now looking to find a ways to survive through offers, events and promotions to reach customers locally. This could pose challenges, as the advertisiemnet come with costs, which is coming possibly from the shrinking profit.
Technology could be the solutions to reach potential customers. It can be purchase as pay as you go 
or on subscription for any business who like to be on top of the game and maximised their profit.