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The year 2020 through to 2021 will be remembered in history as a year of crisis. A difficult year of losses for most businesses, unknown to some businesses while some made huge profit, strangely.  Our blog looks at opportunities in the crisis even though it is a devastating times for businesses and their customers.
It is clear that the coronavirus was not the main challenge of humanity, the greatest challenges in the planet would be the difficulties when dealing with diversity and inclusion, the unsustainable use of planet resources, and the growing inequality that marginalizes a major share of the global population. From the author’s point of view, COVID could maybe help us tackling these problems depending on how we are going to react. We do have this possibility because the crisis resulting from the pandemic has made clear to us all that the borders are ever more fluid, that we live in a single ecosystem, and that everything we do has an impact upon ourselves, but also upon others.