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There are loads of great cities in the UK that offer fun nights, but it all comes down to what you are planning to do on the weekend.


The capital city of the UK is undoubtedly the best place to party in the UK. London is full of pretty much everything that you need for an awesome weekend, and is has something for people of all ages. The nightlife in the capital offers a great variety of choice, and if you’re looking for activities there is plenty to choose from, including sightseeing or the regular stag do activities such as karting, quad biking and urban paintballing.


Two hours west of London, Bristol is a thriving, bass-heavy port filled with students, music trendsetters, and iconic clubs. While the authorities are busy smothering London’' clubbing scene by closing its most important venues, Bristol is taking the torch as the country's undisputed party capital. It's the culmination of having two leading universities, mixed with diverse ethnic communities and some radical-leftist ideologies. And unlike the nation's capital, all the major hubs for dancing are located around the city's harbourside (more or less).


Liquid Wednesdays at Institute is the only club in Europe to play the Lion King before 11. VKs and jägers are required drinking, strong-armed next to rugby boys in chinos and ties. Also because you’re in Scotland, you’ll find yourself smashing vodkas with ruddy-faced 17-year-olds, already grizzled by a vitamin-free diet of paint-stripping liquor and rain.


Who knew those two clubs could provide so much fun? Forget the endless debate of where you should go: everyone’s going to be in Pier or Yoko’s, and as they have different nights, chances are everyone will end up in the same club. And now the Pier is under administration, Yoko’s is probably your safest bet. Don’t forget 24 hour Spar for your late night snack either, who wants a chicken burger anyway?

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