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Huge trends In the music industry

by MyBarnite on 10 Nov 2019

The speed of changes that occurs on how  music is produced to the actual consumption by the consumers has changed over the years. According to Alex Moskov from The Hustle.Com, to acquire a single CD, it may cost $12. 
As a result of digitilisation and technologies available now a days, music lovers are able to access music as much as they can eat, at a fixed cost of £10. This could be traced back to modernisation of music through technology. Also, there are free available music ready to be downloaded.
However, the critics argued that  those who pay the price are the music producers, writers and artists. Music business has turned into a war front, as the tech giants are striving to claim their own share, while they are striving to find solutions to problems discovered in the hostile and competitive music industry.
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